Name Topic Author
2015 Georgia Wild Pig Survey Final ReportTopicAuthor
2019 Current Use Values for Georgia Conservation Use (CUVA) Land and Forest Land Protection Act (FLPA) LandTopicAuthor
Accumulation of Ice on TreesTopicAuthor
American Alligator (Alligator mississippiensis)TopicAuthor
American Chestnut: A Deposed KingTopicAuthor
American Mistletoe: Tree Infection, Damage & Assessment ManualTopicAuthor
A pollinator-friendly garden can be created in the shadeTopicAuthor
Arboritecture: Building Great Trees With PruningTopicAuthor
Assessing Soil Water Resource Space: Days Until Dry (DUDC) MethodTopicAuthor
Assessing Soil Water Resource Space: Tree Soil Water (TSWR) MethodTopicAuthor
Assessing Tree Pruning Dose & DamageTopicAuthor
Assessing Tree Risks Of Lightning StrikesTopicAuthor
Avian Vacuolar Myelinopathy (AVM)TopicAuthor
Beetle Pests of Pines in Georgia: Part 1TopicAuthor
Beetle Pests of Pines in Georgia: Part 2TopicAuthor
Beetle Pests of Pines in Georgia: Part 3TopicAuthor
Beetle Pests of Pines in Georgia: Part 4TopicAuthor
Black Walnut Allelopathy: Tree Chemical WarfareTopicAuthor
Buffalonut Pyrularia pubera: Tree Root ParasiteTopicAuthor
Charge Generation For Lightning Ground StrikesTopicAuthor
Chlorine Gas Exposure & TreesTopicAuthor
Coder Tree Planting Zones of GeorgiaTopicAuthor
Conserving trees during site development: A training manualTopicAuthor
Creating Pollinator Nesting Boxes to Help Native BeesTopicAuthor
Crown, Branch, & Root Damage: Tree Susceptibility In Ice StormsTopicAuthor
Cultural Aspects of Trees: Traditions & MythsTopicAuthor
Defining Historic Hurricanes: Wind, Water & Tree DevastationTopicAuthor
Drought, Heat & Trees: A Learning ManualTopicAuthor
Drought, Heat Stress & TreesTopicAuthor
Drought & TreesTopicAuthor
Drought Resistant TreesTopicAuthor
Ecological Principles--A Unifying Theme in Environmental EducationTopicAuthor
Ecological Renovation In CommunitiesTopicAuthor
Effective Grounding Of Lightning Conduction Systems Around TreesTopicAuthor
Endangered Species: False Poison Sumac, Michaux's Sumac, Dwarf Sumac, Rhus michauxii (Sumac Family)TopicAuthor
Endangered Species: Florida Torreya Florida Nutmeg Torreya taxifolia (Yew Family)TopicAuthor
Endangered Species: HAIRY RATTLEWEED / COBWEBBY WILD INDIGO / FALSE WILD INDIGO Baptisia arachniferaTopicAuthor
Endangered Species: Pondberry, Southern Spicebush, Swamp Spicebush Lindera melissifolia (Laurel Family)TopicAuthor
Estimating Tree Stem & Branch WeightTopicAuthor
Evaluating the Georgia Master Naturalist ProgramTopicAuthor
Evaluation of Attractants for Live-trapping Nine-banded ArmadilloTopicAuthor
Exotic Pines For GeorgiaTopicAuthor
Exotic Pine Species for GeorgiaTopicAuthor
Explanation of the new EPA freshwater invertebrate imidacloprid endpoints: Implications for hemlock woolly adelgid managementTopicAuthor
Extreme Trees: Tallest, Biggest & OldestTopicAuthor
Farmers’ perceptions of white-tailed deer damage to row crops in 20 Georgia counties during 2016TopicAuthor
Federally Protected Plant Species In GeorgiaTopicAuthor
Federal Tax Obligations from Timber Sales and ReforestationTopicAuthor
Formation of Freezing Rain EventsTopicAuthor
Frankincense & Myrrh: Gifts of Tree HistoryTopicAuthor
Futuring Community Forest Management: Change Concepts & Sense of CommunityTopicAuthor
Georgia Native Tree FamiliesTopicAuthor
Georgia Pines: Identification & ConcernsTopicAuthor
Georgia Timber Tax Credit: Answers to frequently asked questionsTopicAuthor
Georgia Tree Hardiness ZonesTopicAuthor
Georgia Tree Planting & Care Series: Proper Planting & AftercareTopicAuthor
Georgia Tree Planting & Care Series: Site Selection & AssessmentTopicAuthor
Georgia Tree Planting & Care Series: Tree Planting Stock SelectionTopicAuthor
Georgia’s Changing Landscape: Appreciating an Urbanizing Population & Land UseTopicAuthor
Giant Hogweed Identification Guide, Heracleum mantegazzianumTopicAuthor
Ginkgo Ginkgo bilobaTopicAuthor
Gray-Water Use & TreesTopicAuthor
Hardiness Zone Changes Across the Eastern United States & Georgia in the Last 20 YearsTopicAuthor
Hardiness Zone Changes In GeorgiaTopicAuthor
Heat Damage in TreesTopicAuthor
Heat Load Impacts On TreesTopicAuthor
Hemlock Woolly Adelgid Management and Quarantine Regulations Impacting Nursery ProductionTopicAuthor
Historic Ice Storm PatternsTopicAuthor
Hoptree / Wafer-Ash (Ptelea trifoliata)TopicAuthor
How Artisans and Woodworkers can Prevent the Spread of Invasive Forest Insects and DiseasesTopicAuthor
How to Report Invasive Species Using the IveGot1 Smartphone AppTopicAuthor
Hurricanes: Current Storms, Future Expectations & Tree DamageTopicAuthor
Hurricane Storm Surge & Seawater Damage to TreesTopicAuthor
Ice Storm Impacts on Trees: Prioritized Causes of DamageTopicAuthor
Ice Storm Patterns in GeorgiaTopicAuthor
Identified Benefits of Community Trees & ForestsTopicAuthor
Income Tax Deductions for Hurricane-Damaged Timber LossesTopicAuthor
Invasive Trees of GeorgiaTopicAuthor
Life-Stage Nitrogen Prescriptions For TreesTopicAuthor
Lightning Conduction Ground Rods: Configurations & Testing For Tree ProtectionTopicAuthor
Lightning Conduction System Design Concepts & Components For TreesTopicAuthor
Lightning Damage Development & Treatments In TreesTopicAuthor
Lightning Ground Strike Formation EventsTopicAuthor
Lightning Ground Strikes & Associated Damage CostsTopicAuthor
Lightning Protection Volumes Around Trees: Cones, Rolling Spheres & FractalsTopicAuthor
Lightning Strike Ground VoltageTopicAuthor
Lightning Strike Probability RisksTopicAuthor
Live Oak: Planting, Care, & PestsTopicAuthor
Live Oak: Southern Ecological HeritageTopicAuthor
Live Oak Use Historic Time-Line: European Colonization & Nation BuildingTopicAuthor
Loblolly Pine Health in the Southeastern U.S.TopicAuthor
Locating Nitrogen Enrichment AreasTopicAuthor
Location & Regulation of Nitrogen in TreesTopicAuthor
Managing Wildlife Damage: Turkey Vultures (Cathartes aura) and Black Vultures (Coragyps atratus)TopicAuthor
Manual Of Fall Tree Color DevelopmentTopicAuthor
Most Common United States & Southeastern Community TreesTopicAuthor
Nantucket Pine Tip Moth: An Insect Pest of Young Pine StandsTopicAuthor
Native Pine Range Maps for GeorgiaTopicAuthor
Native Pine Ranges in GeorgiaTopicAuthor
Native Trees Found Statewide Across GeorgiaTopicAuthor
Native Trees of GeorgiaTopicAuthor
Native Tree Species Of Georgia By Coder Planting ZonesTopicAuthor
Native Tree Species of Georgia by Hardiness ZonesTopicAuthor
Native Tree Species of Georgia by Heat ZoneTopicAuthor
Native Wetland Trees of GeorgiaTopicAuthor
New Tree Selection SpecificationsTopicAuthor
Nine-banded Armadillo (Dasypus novemcinctus)TopicAuthor
Nitrogen & Trees: A Learning ManualTopicAuthor
Oglethorpe Oak (Quercus oglethorpensis)TopicAuthor
Optimized Insecticide Dosage for Hemlock Woolly Adelgid Control in Hemlock TreesTopicAuthor
Osage-Orange (Maclura pomifera): A Traveling TreeTopicAuthor
Pine species of Georgia: Location, identification & issuesTopicAuthor
Pinus clausa Sand PineTopicAuthor
Pinus echinata Shortleaf PineTopicAuthor
Pinus elliottii Slash PineTopicAuthor
Pinus glabra Spruce PineTopicAuthor
Pinus palustris Longleaf PineTopicAuthor
Pinus pungens Table Mountain PineTopicAuthor
Pinus rigida Pitch PineTopicAuthor
Pinus serotina Pond PineTopicAuthor
Pinus strobus Eastern White PineTopicAuthor
Pinus taeda Loblolly PineTopicAuthor
Pinus virginiana Virginia PineTopicAuthor
Pollinators need more than pollen and nectar to survive and help produce food for peopleTopicAuthor
Pond Fertilization and Liming in GeorgiaTopicAuthor
Potential Native Trees For Georgia Hardiness Zone 9aTopicAuthor
Precision Agriculture: Using Technology to Increase Northern Bobwhite Populations and Farm RevenueTopicAuthor
Profile of Family Woodland Owners in Georgia, 2013TopicAuthor
Protecting Pollinators (Website)TopicAuthor
Rare Native Trees of GeorgiaTopicAuthor
Rare Trees of GeorgiaTopicAuthor
Redbay (Persea borbonia): Drifting Toward OblivionTopicAuthor
Sea Level Rise & Tree DamageTopicAuthor
Secondary Tree Growth Increments: Ring Development & FormsTopicAuthor
Selected Literature: Lightning, Lightning Protection & Tree DamageTopicAuthor
Shade Management Beneath TreesTopicAuthor
Soil & Tree NitrogenTopicAuthor
Soil Compaction Stress & Trees: A Workbook of Symptoms, Measures & TreatmentsTopicAuthor
Sourwood Oxydendrum arboreumTopicAuthor
Southern Catalpa Catalpa bignonioidesTopicAuthor
Sport Fish Management in PondsTopicAuthor
Storm & Lightning Ground Strike Numbers & LocationsTopicAuthor
The Impact of Wild Pig Hunting Outfitters on Wild Pig Populations Across the SoutheastTopicAuthor
The Influence of Predators on Deer in the SoutheastTopicAuthor
Threatened Species: SMALL-WHORLED POGONIA Isotria medeoloides (Orchid Family)TopicAuthor
Threatened Species: Virginia Spiraea, Appalachian Spiraea, Virginia Meadowsweet Spiraea virginiana (Rose Family)TopicAuthor
Tree / Soil / Water EnvironmentTopicAuthor
Tree anatomy: Defining trees & formsTopicAuthor
Tree anatomy: Leaf shape & formTopicAuthor
Tree anatomy: Leaf structure & functionTopicAuthor
Tree anatomy: Leaf surfaces & appearanceTopicAuthor
Tree Anatomy: Periderm (Bark)TopicAuthor
Tree anatomy: Shoots and growth patternsTopicAuthor
Tree anchorage & root strength manualTopicAuthor
Tree Assimilation of NitrogenTopicAuthor
Tree Assimilation of NitrogenTopicAuthor
Tree Damaging Forces Generated By LightningTopicAuthor
Tree Essential Element BORON (B)TopicAuthor
Tree Essential Elements Manual (Part 2) (element attributes, proportions & descriptions)TopicAuthor
Tree Essential Elements Manual (Part 3) (water, nitrogen issues & element problems)TopicAuthor
Tree Gender & Sexual Reproduction StrategiesTopicAuthor
Tree Growth Regulation & Control ProcessTopicAuthor
Tree History WorkbookTopicAuthor
Tree Nitrogen Content & GrowthTopicAuthor
Tree Photosynthesis: Advanced Tree Biology Manual (Part 1)TopicAuthor
Tree Replacement Value EquivalenceTopicAuthor
Tree Respiration Process: Advanced Tree Biology Manual (Part 2)TopicAuthor
Tree Risk & Hazard Assessment ConceptsTopicAuthor
Trees, Sites & Ice Storms: Attributes Leading to Tree Damage, Failure, & MortalityTopicAuthor
Trees & Cold TemperaturesTopicAuthor
Trees & Humankind: Cultural & Psychological BindingsTopicAuthor
Trees & Nitrogen: Basic PrincipalsTopicAuthor
Trees & storm wind loadsTopicAuthor
Trees & Turf: Managing Mutual Performance ValuesTopicAuthor
Trees of the Bible: A Cultural HistoryTopicAuthor
Tree Species Susceptibility To Ice Storm DamageTopicAuthor
Tree Strength & Resistance to Damage Under Ice Storm LoadsTopicAuthor
Tree Stump Removal In LandscapesTopicAuthor
Tree Sustaining Attributes of WaterTopicAuthor
Tree Tolerance of Site Development ActivitiesTopicAuthor
Tree Trichomes: Big Hairy Tree?TopicAuthor
Tree Water LossTopicAuthor
Using Chemicals in Pond ManagementTopicAuthor
Water & Tree Health ManualTopicAuthor
Watering TreesTopicAuthor
Water Movement In TreesTopicAuthor
Watershed Delineation and Road Culvert Sizing Using Web Soil SurveyTopicAuthor
Web Soil Survey: A Timber Harvest Planning ToolTopicAuthor
What Is A Tree?TopicAuthor
Whole Tree Interactions: Advanced Tree Biology Manual (Part 3)TopicAuthor
Writing a Forest Management PlanTopicAuthor
Young Tree Training ListTopicAuthor