Bugwood Apps and Image Database

Available through our partner, the UGA Center for Invasive Species and Ecosystem Health, researchers and citizen scientists may access apps, videos, and images related to forestry health and invasive species.
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Continuing Education

We offer an array of online and in-person courses in Athens and across Georgia. Topics cover areas such as timber taxation, wildlife and forest management, managing property for climate variability and forestry for non-foresters.
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Center for Invasive Species and Ecosystem Health

Located at UGA’s Tifton campus, this research center is a partnership between Warnell and the UGA College of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences. Research and programs are focused on invasive species, forest health, and natural and agricultural management.
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Environmental Education

We offer resources for anyone interested in teaching or learning about natural resources, whether it be a K-12 setting or for 4-H, FFA, home school groups, nature centers and more. Our faculty and staff are certified to teach a variety of environmental education curricula. We are available to work with teachers, schools, non-traditional educators or anyone interested in furthering their environmental education.
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Georgia Master Naturalist

This adult education course is a series of weekly programs with specific environmental topics, customized to local habitats such as swamps, rivers, farms, urban landscapes, and the issues affecting them. The course was developed by Warnell and UGA Cooperative Extension for people who wish to be more informed about habitats, natural resources, and the natural environments of our state.
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Georgia Master Timber Harvester Program

This voluntary logger education program is a continuing education program that provides important instruction in areas such as safety, sustainability, timberland management, harvesting, and logistics. This is a key program for both loggers and landowners.
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Southern Regional Extension Forestry

The goal of the Southern Regional Extension Forestry Office is to identify, prescribe, and implement a mix of education and technical services that increase the efficiency of forestry programs in the southern United States.
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Tree Health Care and Community Forestry Lab

This lab synthesizes and integrates research on tree biology, pest/tree dynamics, and soil/tree relations. Researchers develop new methods for assessing tree health and prescribing treatments.
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The herbicide workshop saved me hundreds of dollars in chemicals last year.

Bilal B.Landownder

Thank you for providing the wildlife factsheets, I learned what to be afraid of and what was helpful to the environment.

Karan R.Educator